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Blue Panther vs. Hijo Del Santo for the WWA Welterweight Title from Arena Coliseo
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico (April)
IWRG & Monterrey Lucha Vol. 1: 

FIRST FALL - Starts off with Blue Panther on the prowl and catches Santo with a leglock and Santo positions himself to where he's upside down in the hold.  Santo then reverses it into a leg scissors on Blue Panther and then turns it into the "Angelito" (surfboard) on Blue Panther.  Blue escapes the hold and they go with tons of reversals, ending this sequence with a quick staredown. Fans pop and start chanting for Hijo Del Santo.  Santo somehow grabs Blue's arm and places Blue's arm in a figure-four armlock, but Blue goes with the one armed lift (a la Malenko vs. Benoit) in an attempt to break the hold. However, Santo doesn't release the hold.  Blue is able to counter the move with a "tabla marina" (grabs both arms while applying pressure on Santo's back with his leg).  Santo escapes and puts Blue in a headscissors, but they're near the ropes and Blue Panther escapes.  Santo quickly runs towards the ropes and sunset flips Blue Panther for the pin. WINNER - HIJO DEL SANTO

SECOND FALL - Starts off with some quick headlocks, turned to some rope work with each hitting the ropes in attempts to wear out one another.  However, Santo is able to grab Blue and apply the cross armbreaker.  Blue Panther struggles to escape, but breaks the hold and quickly applies an abdominal stretch.  Great transition in this match that is becoming a rarity in pro, sports entertainment.  Blue decides to gain some more leverage, so he goes from the abdominal stretch to the "Swastika" (abdominal stretch, but with some extra pressure added in by grabbing your opponent's leg).  Blue Panther then turns the "Swastika" into a pin attempt by dropping to the mat, while still holding Santo in the move.  Hijo Del Santo escapes and his momentum allows him to grab one of Blue Panther's legs and goes for a half crab. Seconds later he has Blue Panther in a Boston Crab.  Blue escapes the hold and reverses the Boston Crab into a leglock.  Blue Panther breaks the hold and decides to send Hijo Del Santo to the ropes, but Santo turns it into a legscissors only Blue Panther counters with a pin attempt where Blue Panther uses both legs to lock up Hijo Del Santo's arms.  Santo comes out of the pin, holding one of his arms.  WINNER - BLUE PANTHER

THIRD FALL - Here' comes the really long 3rd fall... Blue Panther grabs Hijo Del Santo's arm over his shoulder and pulls on Santo's arm (Palanca de Markus). Santo sells the arm injury, so Blue Panther continues the attack.  Blue Panther grabs Santo's arm once again and applies some more pressure.  Blue Panther then goes for a combination Dragon Sleeper and armlock hold, which Santo "sells" for some added heat to the match.  Santo reverses and puts Blue Panther in the "Rings of Saturn." No highspots in the match yet.  Santo then adds more to his "Rings of Saturn" by combining it with a legleck. Blue Panther struggles to break the hold.  Blue grabs the ropes and ref shoves Santo.  Santo argues with referee long enough for "El Maestro Lagunero" to grab Santo's arm, twist it, place it behind Santo's back and slams him to the mat, but Hijo Del Santo rolls up Blue Panther for a pin. Blue Panther escapes.  Santo goes for a facebuster and turns it into a roll up.  Blue kicks out, still holding Santo's leg and attempts "La Tapatia" (inverted surfboard).  Santo escapes, but Blue Panther applies a figure-four leglock.  Santo reaches ropes, but Blue Panther doesn't break the hold and the referee is hesitant to break the hold or DQ Blue Panther.  Santo still in the figure-four turns his momentum into a Zumbido-style submission hold. Blue lifts his head to escape the pin.  They break the hold and Santo quickly goes for a dropkick that sends Blue Panther to the outside.  Santo then flies to the outside with a tope suicida on Blue Panther.  

Blue climbs back to the ring first and tries to bring Santo back into the ring with a suplex, but Santo turns it into a "Small package" roll up.  Blue Panther kicks out and quickly goes for an inverted Gori Special.  Santo waves hands and reverses the Gori Special into a roll up, but Blue Panther reverses it into a pin attempt.  Santo goes for a huracanrana, but Blue reverses the move once again.  Blue then grabs Santo and slams him to the mat twice.  Each time he slams him, he thinks about climbing the ropes, but hesitates due to the fans giving him mixed responses.  Santo takes advantage of Blue Panther's distraction and goes for yet another roll up.  Blue escapes and decides to climb the ropes.  However, Santo dropkicks Blue Panther off the ropes to the outside and follows this up with a plancha of the top rope to the outside onto a dazed Blue Panther.  Announcer comments that it looks like both guys "estan groggys".  

Back in the ring, Blue Panther applies "La Cavernaria" (surfboard style hold), but Santo escapes.  Santo runs the ropes and hits Blue Panther with a tope.  Hijo Del Santo decides its time to go for his finisher and grabs Blue Panther in the camel clutch...By the way, the camel clutch was invented by Gori Guerrero and made famous by El Santo.  Blue Panther reaches the ropes and referee shoves Santo off.  

Santo then climbs on top of Blue Panther's shoulders and goes for yet another roll up near the ropes, but the momentum carries Blue Panther over and he's able to go for his own pin attempt.  Blue Panther grabs the rope for added leverage and the ref counts... Uno... Dos... Tres.... Nuevo Campeon Peso Welter de la WWA!!!! 

Fans throw debris at the ring, trying to hit Blue Panther.  The promoter/commissioner is holding the title while he argues with the referee over his decision.  Referee refuses to change his decision.  Blue Panther grabs the belt from the promoter and makes a run for the locker room!!!! 

Promoter/Commissioner is interviewed and says the referee's decision stands. WINNER...AND NEW WWA WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION...."EL MAESTRO LAGUNERO" BLUE PANTHER!!!!    

OVERVIEW:  Excellent match from start to finish with great psychology combined with great wrestling.  Better than Villano III vs. Atlantis from the 3/17/00 PPV, but didn't have the amount of fan reaction due to it being a smaller venue.  I think the main problem was that the TV reception unfortunately isn't the greatest, but I'm not complaining!

Shocker, Zumbido, Bestia Salvaje & Blue Panther vs. Hijo Del Santo, Tarzan Boy, La Parka & Antifaz 
Somewhere around the middle of May 2000 
IWRG & Monterrey Lucha Vol. 2 

If only EMLL would air matches like this on TV.  Match starts off with everyone jumping in and out of the ring until Blue Panther and Hijo Del Santo enter the ring.  They start with a wild brawl.  Tarzan Boy chases Shocker to the outside and both return to the ring.  Both leave and now we get Zumbido vs. Antifaz, which put together some great action.  Santo and Blue Panther back in and fans are really into it.  However, Bestia comes in and helps Blue Panther, but Hijo Del Santo takes care of the double team.  

La Parka is next against Zumbido.  They start dancing, which is a funny sight. La Parka continues the comedy by doing the "Big Wiggle." Zumbido tries to chop La Parka, but he accidently keeps hitting his partners.  His team's upset with him, so they beat on him for awhile.  La Parka starts a domino effect with a chop and every rudo chops a partner, until Zumbido tries to chop referee, "Cuate" Guerrero, but ref chops Zumbido instead.  The rudos chase the referee around the ring, but La Parka helps him and both start dancing.  First fall ends when Antifaz pins Zumbido, Santo pins Blue Panther, La Parka rolls up Bestia and Tarzan Boy chases Shocker away.  

SECOND FALL starts with rudos attacking Tarzan Boy.  Tarzan Boy does this cool looking leg toss on Shocker.  Bestia & Shocker double-team Tarzan Boy. In come La Parka and Zumbido pulling out some great action with Zumbido finally going to the outside taking a corner bump to the outside.  Bestia comes in and chops Antifaz.   Antifaz catches Bestia in a quebradora, so Bestia fakes a "foul" that the referees don't buy into.  Shocker & Blue Panther double-team Tarzan Boy, but all the tecnicos go in and chase their rivals.  Blue sends Santo to the seats where Santo's leg gets caught in the middle of a chair.  All the other tecnicos are also attacked on the outside, which results in Tarzan Boy left alone with Shocker and Blue Panther.  Blue Panther scoops up Tarzan Boy and slams him to the mat, followed by the big elbow from Shocker for the win.  

THIRD FALL starts with the rudos continuing their attack on the tecnicos.  Close-up shot of La Parka shows a huge gold chain around his neck.  Shocker and Tarzan Boy continue as their set to face off in a match for the NWA Light Heavyweight Title.  Shocker dances and does a Hogan-style pose.  Antifaz with a nice tornillo to the outside onto Zumbido.  Hijo Del Santo with a tope suicida to the outside onto Blue Panther.  Bestia's on the outside and Shocker dropkicks La Parka to the outside, leaving Shocker vs. Tarzan Boy (the team captains) alone in the ring.  Shocker fouls Tarzan Boy and pins him for the decisive win.   

OVERVIEW: Pretty much the type of lucha match you'd expect from these guys who were able to blend in comedy, highspots, and Blue Panther brings the mat work.   Good match.

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