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Chances are that you've read the old Sambo Trainer Video Reviews. I don't say that because I think every one has, but because I don't imagine that our audience is growing that rapidly. If you've read them you know that our workhorse and head was Vanes Naldi, known to most as K and D.

Sadly, for medical reasons, Vanes has had to step down and rather than let this die, I've assumed the responsibility of being the STVR head. Basically all that entails is that I remind people of the deadline and do the html.

I decided to redo the html, in part because I want STVR Monthly to look nice and in part to distinguish us from the Death Valley Driver Video Review. I never thought of us as being a tribute act or anything like that. Making us look different is a good way to not appear as such. (It's also this work that prevented me from doing a review this month.)

So we're moving to a magazine format. Right now we've just got reviews, and that's even a bit anemic because of the turmoil and change of leadership. However in the next month and months to come I hope to add more.

While the core will always be the reviews, I'm open to different types of wrestling related writing. If you think you've got an idea for STVR Monthly, send us an e-mail, there's a link on the main page (it's the one that says "official"). We may be adding other types of features in the near future as well; of course, we may not.

We will also be adding to the html and graphics in the months to come.

Why the name change? Change is good. Also, just like KFC is now KFC because it's not really chicken, we're now STVR Monthly because none of us were actual Sambo Trainers.

I'd like to personally say thank you for reading our work, and hope that you stick with us. We may never be the biggest or the best wrestling site or wrestling review site on the net, but we hope to be an enjoyable one.

So take a look at what we have this month, and remember, feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.

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