OVW TV Report Card For April 2001

Shelton Benjamin - Reminds me of a young Booker T but he is much more developed than Booker T was at this age. When Jim Cornette says he moves with the agility of a cat, he isnıt exaggerating. He wrestles with a great deal of energy, which is infectious to the crowd.

Rico "The Role Model" Costantino - Rico cuts an "on" Owen Hart like promo and does awesome facials. It is a shame that he started off in wrestling so late in life because with time he could have developed into a major league talent. His gimmick is that he is the stereotypical 1980s babyface, who portrays himself as a role model, and has the gimmick down cold.

Nick Dinsmore - I need to see much more of Nick Dinsmore to determine whether his match for the OVW Heavyweight title with Cotantino and Flash is representative to his work. Several of his spots looked weak, including the bronco buster and a springboard moonsault where he almost overshot his opponent. In his match against Derek King, he had trouble getting himself over the top rope. His fundamentals need more work, but it is clear that there is a good wrestler in there waiting to shine.

Mark Henry - Mark Henry looks so small these days that he looks like a completely different person. He is much more agile now, but his fundamentals are still poor and he makes most of the OVW talents look like season veterans.

Brock Lesnar - Brock Lesnar has the body of todayıs Scott Steiner but wrestles like the old one. He makes his suplexes look effortless. Lesnar, on the first episode of tape, backbody dropped a near four hundred pounder in Mr. Black and got serious air but that wasnıt even his most impressive move on the show. Lesnar gave Leviathan a belly to belly suplex to the 6ı6 monster, which made him look like a crusierweight. Iıd like to see more of Lesnar in a longer match to see how good he is as a mat wrestler. He may not do as much mat wrestling because of his size and strength but being an Olympian level, he should be proficient on the mat.

Leviathan - If the crowd can get past his Goldberg like look, he could be a superstar on the next level. He needs to become a stronger wrestler, but his power moves are simply awesome. He understands, better than anyone Iıve seen in years, how to play a monster. His mannerisms in the ring define his character to the crowd. On the WWF roster, there may be bigger men, but as Crash Holly and Rhyno has shown, it isnıt the size of the wrestler that counts, but how he carries himself.

Randy Orton - Randy Orton has a great look, it makes you wonder how he is the son of Bob Orton Jr. He sells extraordinarily well.

Ron Waterman - Sometimes when wrestlers comes from the MMA background, they tend to hold back with their punches. That isnıt the case with Ron Waterman. His strikes are the best in OVW. His dropkicks are very crisp and is very sound fundamentally. Iıd like to see him do more mic work so I could evaluate him as a character as well as a wrestler to see if he would be successful on the next level.

The OVW TV Report Card will be a regular feature from now and will track the progress of the next wave of WWF Superstars. Next month I will have a two part review, which will include a feature on the brand new Best of the Briscoe Brothers tape, featuring two of the hottest young talents in CZW today. Take care and thanks for reading.

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