Wrestling Gold vol. 2:
The [ugh] Maim Event

I wrote this on September tenth, so what's here is a reflection of my thoughts on the content and nothing else.

Rock and Roll Express
Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo

A quick opener establishes the heels and faces in this match as if the hot crowd didn't already know. R&R go to work on Lanny's knee to take Leaping out of him. A sudden clip takes us to Savage in the ring as Lanny nurses his knee on the apron. Things fall apart for a bit before Ricky Morton, well, plays Ricky Morton but the hot tag leads to Angelo Poffo pulling down the top rope for the DQ which leads to the infamous table piledriver.

This was a potentially good match with an unsatisfying ending and an angle that won't be resolved in this series of tapes. Unfortunately, this is the theme of the disc.

Nick Bockwinkel
Manny Fernandez

Bockwinkel spends the opening taking headlocks and hiptosses and making them look deadly. Bockwinkel gets control with a series of knees and by working on the ribs. They trade strikes and Bockwinkel comes out on the short end of that. Fernandez gets a sleeper but time runs out. It would've been better with a better ending.

The Sheik
Mark Lewin

Transitions in this match come from dropping a foreign object. I don't have time for this.

David & Kerry Von Erich
Killer Karl Krupp and Gene Yates

or this. Kerry is Green and Krupp is old and that doesn't mean they balance out. The match doesn't have a story. The Von Erichs win with a roll-up out of nowhere.

The Fabulous Ones
PYT Express

Now we're talking.

Koko starts out with Stan, or is it Steve? I can't tell, all these white guys look alike or something. Seriously, though, I can't tell one from the other. We clip to see Koko working on Lane's back. The announcer lets me know that it's Lane and that Koko had targeted the back earlier (something neither Cornette nor Meltzer ever says about any match). Norvelle Austin doesn't seem to get the whole "target the back" thing. It goes outside a couple of times with Lane playing face in peril. Ref distraction allows the Fabs to pull a switch because apparently the ref can't tell the difference either. Fabs win with a double DDT.

Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol
The Road Warriors

The Road Warriors are young and Lawler's in Memphis and the ref gets bumped and the Roadies get DQ'd (so Lawler can win without winning the belts) and I don't have time for this either.

Jerry Lawler
Randy Savage
in a cage

The work that's here is great, especially Savage's which looks insane, but isn't the point of a cage match that no one interferes so the feud can be settled? Did nobody tell Jerry this? If it isn't Tommy Rich interfering so Lawler can lose his hair but keep his heat it's Joe LeDuc climbing into the cage to cause a DQ.


Jerry Lawler is Kevin Nash with more charisma and talent. The only good thing about this match is watching LeDuc and Savage leave without security protection because the Memphoids were terrified of them.

The Samoans
Ted DiBiase & Bob Roop

Ernie Ladd accompanies the Samoans in a mahi-mahi of his own. This is a good match, though it isn't really notably good, nothing stands out about it. The only criticism I have is the Dusty finish, but if it didn't have a Dusty finish it wouldn't be on this volume and good but unspectacular is a welcome change.

Bruno Sammartino & Dick The Bruiser
Ernie Ladd & Baron Von Raschke

Dick and Bruno wrestle like heels and get cheered like faces while Ladd makes them look good. The faces get the first fall of this three falls match, but that's all we see on this disc.

Tully Blanchard
Manny Fernandez

The hatred is obvious as both men stand toe to toe and do a collar and elbow that goes nowhere. Tully mugs, maybe saying, "my father will fire you if you take liberties," but that's not the story of the match. The story of this match is the hatred you can see between the two which itself isn't just story.

They stalemate again until Manny wins a strike-off and Tully pulls back. Tully takes it to the mat with a single-leg but Manny is unfazed and regains control. Are things coming apart? All Tully can do is reach the ropes.

The break isn't clean and Tully backpedals again. Manny takes him down with a top wristlock. Tully turns it into a bodyslam but can't follow up and winds up back in the wristlock. Tully brings Manny down with an ankle pick, but Manny holds on and makes it a hammerlock.

Unfortunately we clip to Manny working on Tully's knee as Tully pleads for mercy. It's just a ploy but Tully only keeps the upper hand so long before Manny outstrikes him. Tully grabs Manny's tights and drags both he and his opponent outside.

Of course, since I'm enjoying this match Gino Hernandez would come out for the ambush and the DQ. The Dynamic Duo beat on Manny until Chavo Guerrero makes the save.

Rick Rude
Jerry Lawler

You can see Rude's future greatness here but I can't be bothered with yet another Lawler match that ends in a schmozz. Here Lawler makes a superman comeback against Rude, Jim Neidhart and the PYTs. Rude's valet hits Lawler with a chair and King Lazy doesn't even register it. Now that we've established that she doesn't pose the slightest threat, Lawler grabs her and punches her because he's a hero like that.

The Crusher, Dick The Bruiser and Little Bruiser
The Blackjacks and Bobby Heenan

Heenan bumps his ass off and runs in fear of everyone including the midget. He's the only thing watchable in this match that ends when the midget pins him.

If you think that I didn't get into this volume, you're right. There was nothing worth getting into here, just a lot of bad endings and a fair amount of bad wrestling. No great matches to cause me to put a full match review in a tape review. So far it's one and one for the series and I just hope that the rest aren't like this one.

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