A Brief Interview with
Yuka Nakamura

Here's something different, a brief interview with NEO's resident idol, Yuka Nakamura. Visit her website.

First off, how was your summer???

Yuka: It was really nice!

What promotion have you work for??

Yuka: Neo, JWP, Jd', Arsion, DDT, FMW, IWA, Michinoku, Big Japan, Onita, others.

As a fan, what wrestler did you admire the most and why??

Yuka: Mima Shimoda.

Recently, many young woman wrestlers have gone down to injury. Does this worry you? How is your own health?

Yuka: It does sometimes. I'm OK though!

Do you think pro-wrestling is art?

Yuka: Yes, I do.

What are your goals and dreams in pro-wrestling?

Yuka: Right now…I'm not really sure.

Your website is really well done and attractive. Did you do it yourself?

Yuka: I admit I had other men make it for me. However, all the updates and changes since it was created were done myself.

Anything you want to say to your western fans?

Yuka: Thank you for your consideration!!!

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