Mike "Flash" Jordan v.
Kid McCoy

The old British wrestling style, All-In Wrestling, is a thing of beauty. The matwork here, when at its best, is second to no other style on Earth. It has a set of rules all it's own. Most matches are held in rounds, this one is a special fifteen-minute challenge and is a rematch for a lightweight title currently held by McCoy.

Jordan, visibly the older opponent, is eager and arrogant, pouncing on Kid McCoy. Kid is tentative but shows he can hang with the old man, breaking his headlocks. The arm locks, however, cause more of a problem.

All-In Wrestling is about reversals too difficult to explain. Many involve a headstand or a bridge. After a reversal sequence, Jordan triumphantly gets the final reversal and tosses McCoy by his arm for punctuation.

They lock up again. McCoy gets in his own toss. There is more mat art and more stalemates. If you get bored watching it, don't ever call yourself a wrestling fan. This sequence ends with McCoy breaking a headlock by walking backwards... on his hands.

The pace picks up. McCoy tries a roll-up, but rolls Flash into the ropes. More reversals end with McCoy in a bridge. Since striking someone in a bridge is illegal, Flash backs off.

More wrestling, more reversals and an indescribable roll-up lead to another bridge. McCoy turns a head-scissors into a deathlock before hitting his McCoy special, a Frankensteiner in which he climbs the ropes with his hands while having his opponent in the headscissors.

Flash turns it up, going ruthless on Kid's arm, whipping him by it and then jerking back, sending Kid flying. This softens the arm up enough for Jordan to get the first fall with an elevated arm-bar.

Out of the gate Jordan attacks McCoy to start the second round. He lays in the strikes before Kid ricochets off the boxing style corner pads and hits a dropkick.

Jordan goes back to the injured arm but McCoy uses his speed, monkeyflipping Jordan before tossing him in the corner.

McCoy tries another McCoy special but Jordan just dumps him out of the ring. Once back in, McCoy takes more punishment to his arm. Two minutes remain and Jordan's strategy may have changed. If he avoids another fall, he wins. If McCoy can't get the equalizer, he loses.

McCoy tries something fancy, but Jordan sees it coming and simply dumps him. He smells blood, so he tries for another arm bar but McCoy reverses it getting Jordan on his back. Quickly, McCoy grabs both legs and for a cradle and evens the falls. As the ring announcer gives the results of the second fall, Jordan attacks McCoy, receiving a public warning. Three public warnings result in a DQ.

With twenty seconds to go, Jordan attacks the arm but the clock runs down. The match is a draw and McCoy retains. He offers a handshake, but Jordan just walks away.

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