Rey Buccanero/Ultimo Guerrero
v. El Hijo Del Santo/Negro Casas

One thing that has bothered me the most about the recent state of STVR Monthly was our inability to get someone to cover Lucha on a regular basis. I love Lucha Libre; probably more than any other form of wrestling. It's the purest and most beautiful form of professional wrestling there is.

Santo and Casas pretty much defined an era of Lucha Libre. It peaked with their hair vs. mask match, but went on in both directions of time as enemies and, ultimately, as partners. Buccanero and Guerrero are two rising stars, part of the Infernales stable. This PPV was all about testing out and setting out future plans. Earlier the Infernales leader, El Satanico, was put in a mixed rudo/tecnico match basically to test him out as a tecnico and Tarzan Boy as a rudo. Both were successes and already Tarzan Boy is seconding, hinting at the break that was about to come. Felino seconds for the tecnicos, making the much-deteriorated Casas the sixth best wrestler in the match.

The first fall starts with Santo and Buccanero pairing off. They start with basic simple US matwork and it builds more and more into the stylized Lucha matwork. To attempt to describe it would be foolish. In the end, they stalemate and Santo offers a professional handshake to Buccanero, which he deserves, which he accepts.

Next, Casas and Guerrero pair off and this is not as pretty. It's just punching and kicking and hating each other. They keep the same dance partners, but every time the tag is made, the pace picks up into frenzy until Santito hits his tope on Buccanero. Some may like the bullet-fast straight topes of Black Warrior, but I prefer the graceful arch of Santito any day. With Santito and Buccanero on the floor, Casas gets his Casita followed by Santito locking the la de a caballo on Buccanero to get the first fall.

The second fall keeps the same pace, but the pairs are mixed up. Casas exchanges blows with Buccanero. Santito works his grace with Guerrero. This entire match is about showing that the two young rudos can hang with both the beauty of Santo and the ugliness of Casas.

This fall builds to a tope as well. Only this time it happens when the rudos double-team Casas, sending him to the floor. Santo sends them out after Casas and follows up with the tope, but they clear out and Santo takes out Casas instead. The Infernales seize the opportunity. They put Santo away with a double-submission and double-team Casas for the second elimination.

The final fall keeps up the same pace and it goes back to the original pairs at first. The near falls build and the pairs get switched with all the saves going on. In the end, Guerrero takes Santito out with an inverted superplex and Buccanero crossfaces Casas to take the final fall.

Guerrero, Buccanero, how do you like your torch?

This was a fantastic match but, just recently, nearly ten full months later, they would do it again. This time for Galavision, not PPV, and they would top it.

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