An Explanation

In case you're not aware, the month-to-month operations of this site were my job, at least after Vanes Naldi had to step away. I took on this responsibility for the same reason that I started reviewing when Vanes asked for reviewers: I love wrestling and I love writing so the combination of the two is perfect.

I never stopped loving wrestling or writing during STVR's existence. In fact, my love for both has grown from the experience. However, we as a group have had problems getting content out. Many of us have decided to stop writing. Given the way STVR is structured, I was faced with having to replace writers.

I think that STVR was made up of some great writers. Some of us came at wrestling from angles you may never have thought of before. You may have thought us goofy, but hopefully you respected us anyway. Having to replace any of the people on the front page would mean putting out an inferior product. I didn't want that. I had enough problems trying to find a replacement for Alfredo. I don't think I ever would.

So the decision had to be to pull the plug on STVR. On the one hand we'd be celebrating our first anniversary this month. On the other, ending when we began is symbolically satisfying.

You can find Ryan Faulconer and Scott Leighton at CBR (e-mail them for the URL). Hackett and I will be around, if nobody else. I'm already getting the bug to start up something else. If I do it'll be under a different name with a different structure. Hopefully many of the people who wrote here will be involved. Of course, it's still an if. It'll be a few months off at least.

I'd like to thank everyone who wrote for STVR. I hope I didn't drive you nuts.

For those who came back regularly and read our work, I hope you found it enjoyable.

For those wondering about the Wrestling Gold reviews, and I'm sorry about the last one, three and four are better than two but not as good as one. I haven't gotten to five yet.

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