K & D's Matchlists


WCW Millennium Tour 2000 on Premiere Sport
Live from Oberhausen, Germany 2/12/00
Booker T vs Stevie Ray *1/2
Video Package: Autograph Session
Hacksaw Duggan vs The Wall DUD.
INT: Tom Gerhard
Chat session: Vampiro
INT: Jeff Jarrett
WCW World Tag Team Titles: The Harris Boys vs Big Vito and Johnny The Bull *1/2
INT: Tom Gerhard/Mamalukes
Vampiro vs David Flair *3/4
INT: Bret Hart
Norman Smiley vs Dustin Rhodes *3/4
Brian Knobbs/Dustin Rhodes vs. Terry Funk/Norman Smiley **
INT: Berlyn
Scott Hall vs Fit Finlay **
Tailpipe Match: Berlyn vs Tom Gerhard *
WCW World Heavyweight Title: Sid vs Jeff Jarrett  **

WCW Millennium Final PPV on Superdom
Oberhausen Arena, Oberhausen 11/16/00
Kidman/Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Kronik *
Battle Royal Video Package
18 men Battle Royal for spot in the qualifying match *
INT: Mike Awesome
INT: Axel Schultz/Steve Wright
Kwee Wee vs. Elix Skipper **1/2
INT: Kevin Nash
The Cat/Mike Sanders feud video recap
Mike Sanders vs. The Cat DUD
INT: Sean O'Hare/Mark Jindrak
INT: Ric Flair
Lance Storm/General Rection feud video recap
WCW US/Canadian Heavyweight Title: Lance Storm (c) vs. General Rection **
INT: Sting
Bavarian Oktoberfest Hardcore Match: Dave "Fit" Finlay vs. Norman Smiley *3/4
INT: Norman Smiley (Backstage)
Tag Team Title situation video package
WCW World Tag Team Titles: Sean O'Hare/Mark Jindrak (c) vs. Alex Wright/General Rection **1/2
INT: Booker T
3 Way Dance for spot against Sting: Mike Awesome vs. Kevin Nash vs. Alex Wright [8:00] *
Booker T/Scott Steiner feud video package
INT: Scott Steiner
WCW World Heavyweight Title: Booker T (c) vs. Scott Steiner **3/4
WCW European Cup: Sting (c) vs. Kevin Nash -***

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