K & D's Matchlists


In Your House 1 - Mothers Day
Diesel (C) vs Sid / Bret Hitman Hart vs Hakushi / Bret Hitman Hart vs Jerry
Lawler / Smoking Gunns vs Owen Hart, Yokozuna (Tag) / Razor Ramon vs Jeff
Jarrett, Roadie / Adam Bomb vs Mabel / Undertaker vs Kama / Bam Bam Bigelow vs Tatanka

In Your House 2- The Jackknife vs The Powerbomb
1-2-3 Kid vs The Roadie / King Mabel, Sir Mo vs Razor Ramon, Savio Vega / Jeff
Jarrett performence "With my baby tonight" / Henry O. Godwinn vs Bam
Bam Bigelow / Jeff Jarrett (IC) vs Shawn Michaels / Yokozuna, Owen Hart (Tag) vs
The Allied Powers / Lumberjack Match: Sid vs Big Daddy Cool Diesel (C) /
Coliseum Home Video Exclusive: Jean Pierre Lafitte vs Bret "Hitman"
Hart / Coliseum Home Video Exclusive Casket Match: Kama vs The Undertaker

In Your House 3 - Two Dudes with Attitude
Savio Vega vs Waylon Mercy / Sid vs Henry O. Godwinn / British Bulldog vs Bam
Bam Bigelow / Dean Douglas vs Razor Ramon / Jean Pierre Lafitte vs Bret
"Hitman" Hart / Triple Header: Yokozuna, British Bulldog (Tag) vs Two
Dudes with Attitudes: Shawn Michaels (IC), Diesel (C)

In Your House 4 - Bite of The Bulldog
Fatu vs Hunter Hearts Helmsley / The Smoking Gunns (Tag) vs Razor Ramon, The
1-2-3 Kid / Marty Jannetty vs Goldust / King Mabel vs Yokozuna / Dean Douglas
(IC) vs Razor Ramon / British Bulldog vs Diesel (C) with Bret "Hitman"
Hart as special commentator / Exclusive: WrestleMania the Arcade Game /
Exclusive: The making of Raw on the roof

In Your House 5 - Bite of The Bulldog II
Bret Hitman Hart (C) vs British Bulldog / Razor Ramon, Marty Jannetty vs Sid, 1-2-3
Kid / Diesel vs Owen Hart / Casket match: Undertaker vs King Mabel / Hunter
Hearst Helmsley vs Henry O. Godwinn [Arkansas Hog Pen] / Ahmed Johnson vs Buddy Landell

In Your House 6 - The Cage From Hell
Bret Hitman Hart (C) vs Diesel in a steel cage match / Cry baby match: Razor
Ramon vs 1-2-3 Kid / Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart / Duke Droese vs Hunter Hearst
Helmsley / Yokozuna vs British Bulldog / Free For All: Jake Roberts vs Tatanka

In Your House 7 - Good Friends ... better Enemies
British Bulldog, Owen Hart vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Ahmed Johnson
/ Goldust (IC) vs The Ultimate Warrior / Vader vs Razor Ramon / Godwinns vs The
Body Donnas / Diesel vs Shawn Michaels (C)

In Your House 8 Beware of Dog
Free For All: Smoking Gunns vs Godwinns (Tag) / Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs
Wildman Marc Mero / British Bulldog vs Shawn Michaels (C) / Caribbean Strap
Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Savio Vega / Vader vs Yokozuna / Casket Match:
Goldust (IC) vs The Undertaker

In Your House 9 International Incident
Shawn Michaels (C), Ahmed Johnson (IC), Sid vs Vader, Owen Hart, British Bulldog
/ Smoking Gunns (Tag) vs Body Donnas / Henry O. Godwinn vs Mankind / Wildman
Marc Mero vs Stone Cold Steve Austin / Undertaker vs Goldust / Free For All: Savio Vega vs Justin Hawk Bradshaw

In Your House 10 Mind Games
Free For All: Marty Jannetty vs Savio Vega / Justin Hawk Bradshaw vs Savio Vega
[Caribbean Strap] / Jim Cornette vs Jose Lothario / Owen Hart, British Bulldog
vs Smoking Gunns (Tag) / Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Mark Henry /
Goldust vs Undertaker [Final Curtain] / Mankind vs Shawn Michaels

In Your House 11 Buried Alive
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Stone Cold Steve Austin / Smoking Gunns vs British
Bulldog, Owen Hart (Tag) / Goldust vs Wildman Marc Mero (IC) / Sid vs Vader /
Mankind vs Undertaker [Buried Alive]

In Your House 12 It's Time
Bret Hitman Hart vs Sid (C) / Undertaker vs Executioner [Armageddon Rules] /
Marc Mero vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley (IC) / Owen Hart, British Bulldog (Tag) vs
Fake Razor Ramon, Fake Diesel / Flash Funk vs Leif Cassidy / Free For All: Rocky
Maivia vs Salvatore Sincere

In Your House 13 Final Four
Bret Hart vs Undertaker vs Vader vs Stone Cold Steve Austin [Final Four] / Marc
Mero vs Leif Cassidy / Goldust, Bart Gunn, Flash Funk vs Nation of Domination /
Rocky Maivia vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley  (IC)
/ Owen Hart, British Bulldog (Tag) vs Furnas/Lafon

In Your House 14 Revenge of the Taker
Free For All: Sultan vs Flash Funk / Legion of Doom vs Owen Hart, British
Bulldog (Tag, Euro) / Savio Vega vs Rocky Maivia (IC) / Jesse James vs
Rockabilly / Mankind vs Undertaker (C) / Bret "Hitman" Hart vs Stone
Cold Steve Austin

In Your House 15 Cold Day in Hell
Free For All: Rockabilly vs Jesse James / Flash Funk vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley /
Mankind vs Rocky Maivia / Nation of Domination vs Ahmed Johnson / Vader vs Ken Shamrock / Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Undertaker (C)

In Your House 16 Canadien Stampede
Undertaker (C) vs Vader / Bret Hitman Hart, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Jim the
Anvil Neidhart, Brian Pillman vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Legion of Doom, Ken
Shamrock, Goldust / Mankind vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley / Great Sasuke vs Taka
Michinoku / Free For All: New Blackjacks vs Godwinns

In Your House 17 Ground Zero
Bret Hitman Hart (C) vs Patriot / Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels for the first
time ever / Owen Hart, British Bulldog vs Godwinns vs Legion of Doom vs
Headbangers / Faarooq vs Savio Vega vs Crush / Brian Christopher vs Scott Putski
/ Goldust vs Brian Pillman [Indecent Proposal]

In Your House 18 Badd Blood
Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (Euro) [Hell In A Cell] / Faarooq vs Owen Hart [Intercontinental Tournament Final] / Patriot, Vader vs Bret Hitman Hart (C), British Bulldog / Legion of Doom vs Nation of Domination / Headbangers vs Godwinns / Mini Match / Los Boricuas vs Disciple of Apocalypse

In Your House 19 D-Generation X
Shawn Michaels (C) vs Ken Shamrock / Stone Cold Steve Austin (IC) vs Rocky
Maivia / Jeff Jarrett vs Undertaker / Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Sgt. Slaughter
[Boot Camp] / New Age Outlaws (Tag) vs Legion of Doom / Marc Mero vs Butterbean
[Boxing] / Taka Michinoku vs Brian Christopher [Lightheavyweight Tournament
Final] / Los Boricuas vs Disciple of Apocalypse

In Your House 20 No Way Out
8-Man Unsanctioned Tag Team Match Stone Cold Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus
Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs Road Dog Jesse James, Badd Ass Billy Gunn, Hunter
Hearst Helmsley & Savio Vega / Vader vs Kane with Paul Bearer / War of
Attrition Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, Chainz, Skull & 8-Ball vs Faarooq,
Rocky Maivia, Kama Mustafa, D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry / Light Heavyweight
Title Match Taka Michinoku vs Pantera / Headbangers vs The Artist Formerly Known
as Goldust & Marvelous Marc Mero with Luna and Sable / NWA North American
Title Match Jeff Jarrett with Jim Cornette vs Bradshaw / Quebecers vs Godwinns

In Your House 21 Unforgiven
Championship Match Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin with World Wrestling
Federation owner Vince McMahon at ringside vs Dude Love / First-Ever Inferno
Match! Undertaker vs Kane / European Champion Triple H of DX vs Owen Hart With
Chyna Suspended Above The Ring In A Cage / First-Ever Evening Gown Match Sable
vs Luna / Tag Team Title Match Champions The New Age Outlaws vs LOD 2000 /
Six-Man Tag Team War Faarooq, Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman vs The Nation Of
Domination / Double J Sings With Country Sensation Sawyer Brown

In Your House 22 Over the Edge
Championship Match: Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Dude Love with special
referee Mr. McMahon, special timekeeper Mr. Brisco & special ring announcer
Mr. Patterson / Intercontinental Title Match: Champion The Rock vs Faarooq /
Six-Man Tag Team War: D-Generation X (Triple H and The New Age Outlaws) vs The
Nation (Owen Hart, Kama and D'Lo Brown) / Special Challenge Match: Sable
attempts to win her freedom from "Marvelous" Marc Mero / Mask vs Mask:
Vader vs Kane / LOD 2000 w/Droz and Sunny vs Skull & 8-Ball w/Chainz / Bonus
Match: Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku and Bradshaw vs Kaientai with

In Your House 23 Fully Loaded
Tag Team Championship Match: Kane & Mankind (Champions) vs Stone Cold Steve
Austin & Undertaker / "Skin to Win" Bikini Contest: Jacqueline vs
Sable / Intercontinental Championship Match Two out of Three Falls Match Rules:
The Rock (Champion) vs HHH / Hardcore Stars on Opposing Teams: Scorpio &
Faarooq vs Terry Funk & Bradshaw / Two Stars of Entertainment Collide: Val
Venis vs Double J / DX vs The Nation: X-Pac vs D'Lo Brown / The Battle of the Bulls: Vader vs Mark Henry / Ellering's Actions Result in War: L.O.D. 2000 vs 8-Ball & Skull with Paul Ellering / The Dungeon Match: Ken Shamrock vs Owen
Hart Inside the Infamous "Hart Family Dungeon" Special Referee Dan "The Beast" Severn

In Your House 24 Breakdown
Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kane / Mankind vs The Rock vs Ken
Shamrock / X-Pac & The New Age Outlaws vs Jeff Jarrett & Southren
Justice / Vader vs Bradshaw / Gangrel vs D'Lo Brown / Edge vs Owen Hart / Val
Venis vs Dustin Runnels / Droz vs "Marvelous" Marc Mero / Al Snow & Scorpio vs Too Much

In Your House 25 Judgment Day
Federation Championship: with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special referee
Kane vs Undertaker / European Championship: DíLo Brown vs X-pac / Tag Team
Championship: The New Age Outlaws vs The Headbangers / Light Heavyweight
Championship: Taka Michinoku vs Christian / Intercontinental Championship: Ken
Shamrock vs Mankind / The Rock vs Mark Henry / Goldust vs Val Venis w/Terri
Runnels / L.O.D. 2000 & Droz vs D.O.A. & Paul Ellering / Marvelous Marc
Mero vs Al Snow & Head

In Your House 26 Rock Bottom
D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry vs Val Venis & The Godfather / Headbangers vs
Oddities / Steve Blackman vs Owen Hart / Brood vs J.O.B. Squad / Goldust vs Jeff
Jarrett / Steve Austin vs Undertaker [Buried Alive] /New Age Outlaws vs
Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman / Mankind vs The Rock

In Your House 27 St Valentines Day Massacre
Goldust vs Bluedust / Big Bossman vs Midean / Kane & Chyna vs Triple H &
X-Pac / Steel Cage Match Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon / Hardcore
Holly vs Al Snow / Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett vs DíLo Brown & Mark Henry
/ Val Venis vs Ken Shamrock / Mankind vs The Rock [Last Man Sanding Match]

In Your House 28 Backlash
Acolytes & Midian vs Brood / New Age Outlaws vs Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart
/ Mankind vs Paul Wight [Boiler Room] / Triple H  vs X-Pac / The Undertaker
vs Ken Shamrock / Al Snow  vs Bob Holly / The Godfather  vs Goldust /
Steve Austin  vs The Rock

In Your House 29 Over the Edge 1999
Kane & X-Pac vs D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry / Bad Ass Billy Gunn vs
Roaddog Jesse James / Val Venis & Nicole Bass vs Jeff Jarrett & Debra /
The Rock vs Triple H / Mankind, Big Show, Test, Ken Shamrock vs. Big Bossman,
Viscera, Faarooq, Bradshaw / Al Snow vs Bob Holly / / The Undertaker vs
Stone Cold Steve Austin

In Your House 30 Fully Loaded 1999
Road Dogg & X-Pac vs Bad Ass & Chyna / Big Show vs Kane / Ken
Shamrock vs Steve Blackman / Triple H vs The Rock / Big Bossman vs Al Snow / The
Acolytes vs The Hardy Boyz / D'Lo Brown vs Midian / Jeff Jarrett vs Edge /
Steve Austin vs The Undertaker

In Your House 31 Unforgiven 1999
The Acolytes vs The Dudley Boys / X-Pac vs Chris Jericho / Val Venis  vs
Steve Blackman / Al Snow  vs  Big Bossman / Triple H vs Mankind
vs The Rock vs The British Bulldog vs Big Show vs Kane [Six Pack]/ Jeff Jarrett
vs Chyna / New Age Outlaws vs Edge & Christian / Ivory vs Luna / D'Lo Brown
vs Mark Henry

In Your House 32 No Mercy
The Godfather w/Hoís vs Mideon w/Viscera / The Fabulous Moolah w/Mae
Young vs Ivory (WC) / The New Age Outlaws vs Hardcore & Crash Holly
 / Jeff Jarrett (IC) w/Miss Kitty vs Chyna [Good Housekeeping Match]
/ The British Bulldog vs The Rock (Tag) / Edge & Christian vs The
Hardy Boyz [$100.000 Ladder Match in the Terri Invitational Tournament]
/ Interview: Rock that challenges the winner of the main event, and as he leaves
Triple H takes him out with a Sledge Hammer / Val Venis vs Mankind (Tag) /
Kane vs X-Pac vs Bradshaw vs Farooq / Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H
(C) [No Holds Barred]

In Your House 33 Armageddon
The Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs The Headbangers vs The Hardy Boyz vs
The Mean Street Posse vs The Acolytes vs Too Cool vs The Godfather & Mark
Henry w/Ho's [Tag Team #1 Contender Battle Royal] / Kurt Angle vs Steve Blackman
 / Greg Norman is seen in the audience / Miss Kitty vs Jacqueline vs B.B.
vs Ivory (WC) [Four-Corners Evening Gown Match] / Hardcore & Crash
Holly vs Viscera & Rikishi Phatu / D'Lo Brown vs Val Venis vs The
British Bulldog (Euro) [Triple Threat] / Kane w/Tori vs X-Pac [Steel Cage Match] / Chris Jericho vs Chyna (IC) w/Miss Kitty (WC /
The Rock ĎNí Sock Connection vs The New Age Outlaws (Tag) / The Big
Bossman (Hard) w/Prince Albert vs The Big Show (C) (DUD) / Triple H vs Vince
McMahon [No Holds Barred]

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