K & D's Matchlists


Downtown Bruno [Harvey Wippleman] vs. Bobcat in an intergender match.
Curtis Hughes vs. Gangsta B.I.G.
Blue Meanie vs. Jim Neidhart.
Grandmaster Sexay vs. K Krush.
Jerry Lawler vs. Bull Pain [with Morton & Al Kee].

Reggie B. Fine vs. Toma Hawk (with Blade Bigalow Male Gigolo)
KAW [Bull Pain & Todd Morton, withAl Kee Holic] vs. Itty & Bitty Littles [with Hollywood]
Danny B. & Blue Meanie vs. Jim Neidhart & Curtis Hughes
Downtown Bruno vs. The Kat
K. Krush vs. Reckless Youth
Jerry Lawler vs. Road Dogg

K Krush vs. Reggie B. Fine
Fabulous Rocker (with Vixen) vs. Reckless Youth
Blue Meanie vs. Motley Cruz
Bobcat music video
Bobcat vs. The Kat
Kevin Christian interview with Curtis Hughes
Curtis Hughes vs. TomaHawk (w/ Blade Bigelow)
Interview with Bull Pain and Todd Morton
Road Dogg & Jerry Lawler vs. KAW [Pain & Morton w/Al Kee Holic]

Memphis Championship Wrestling 6/23/00
(show originally aired on 6/3/00)
Recap of Last Week's Show
Reckless Youth interview
Vinny Little vs. K Crush
Reckless Youth interview
Mean Street Posse interview
Fabulous Rocker interview-he calls out Todd Morton and challenges him to a Ladder Match
Todd Morton vs. Fabulous Rocker (Ladder Match)
Joey Abs vs. Bull Paine (No Disqualification Match)
Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (Southern Title)
Lord Steven Regal & Athelia interview-Regal berates Athelia, and Curtis Hughes runs to her aid
Kamala Promo (Memphis Wrestling Flashback)
Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Kamala (Memphis Wrestling Flashback)
Reckless Youth vs. K Crush

Memphis Championship Wrestling Tv 9/16/2000
(Taped 9/2 Memphis, TN)
Mean Street Posse vs. Salsario Brothers
Reckless Youth vs. Robbie Brookside
American Dragon vs. Spanky
Ronnie James vs. Fabulous Rocker
Steve Regal vs. Shooter Schultz
Jerry Lawler vs. Viscera

Memphis Championship Wrestling Tv 9/23/2000
(Taped Newborn, TN)
Salsario Boys vs Lance Cade & Tracy Smothers.
Fabulous Rocker vs .Bobcat
K Krush & Viscera vs. Trasher & Joey Abs

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