K & D's Matchlists


Ohio Valley Wrestling 9/9/2000

Rob Conway vs. Nick Dinsmore
Flash/Payne vs. Disciples of Synn
Sean Casey/Chris Michaels vs. Randy Orton/Shelton Benjamin
Suicide Blondes vs. Nelson/Johnny Spade
Russ McCullough/Damaja/Trailer Park Trash vs. Collector/Mr. Black/Jerome Crony.

Ohio Valley Wrestling 9/16/2000

(taped 9/13 in Jeffersonville, IN)
Damaja vs Jason Lee.
Russ McCullough & Shelton Benjamin vs Disciples of Synn
Chris Michaels & Sean Casey beat Flash & Payne.
Nick Dinsmore pinning Collector.

Ohio Valley Wrestling 9/30/2000

(taped 9/27 in Jeffersonville, IN)
Int- Big Show (Bald)
Int- Flash, B.J. Payne
Suicide Blondes vs. Damaja/Nick Dinsmore
Int- Bolin Services
Int- Mark Henry
Int- Rob Conway
Int- Bad Attitude
Chris Michaels/Sean Casey vs Shelton Benjamin/Russ McCullough
Int- Suicide Blondes
Int- Robbie D
Flash/B.J. Payne vs. Rob Conway/Black

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