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WWF SURVIVOR SERIES Pay Per Views 1987-present

Survivor Series 1987
Hulk Hogan’s Team (Hulk Hogan, The Rock Don Muraco, Paul Orndorf, Bam
Bam Bigelow & Ken Patera) vs Andre the Giant’s Team (Andre the Giant,
Ravishing Rick Rude, King Kong Bundy, One Man Gang & The Natural Butch Reed)
/ A Second Survivor Match: Randy Savage’s Team vs Honky Tonk Man’s Team /
Tag Team Survivor Match which includes a total of 20 men / Women’s Survivor

Survivor Series 1988
Main Event Co-Captains: Macho Man Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan with
Hercules, Koko B. Ware and Hillbilly Jim vs Main Event Co-Captains: The Big Boss
Man & Akeem with The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibase, King Haku and The Red
Roster / Team Co-Captains: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake & The Ultimate
Warrior with The Blue Blazer, Jumping Jim Brunzel and Sam Houston vs Team
Co-Captains: The Honky Tonk Man & Outlaw Ron Bass with Greg Valentine, Bad
News Brown and Danny Davis / Team Co-Captains: Jake “The Snake” Roberts
& Hacksaw Jim Duggan with Tito Santana, B. Brian Blair and Ken Patera vs
Team Co-Captains: Andre the Giant & Dino Bravo with Ravishing Rick Rude, Mr.
Perfect and Harley Race / Team Co-Captains: Powers of Pain with The
Hartfoundation, The British Bulldogs, The Rockers and The Young Stallions vs
Team Co-Captains: Demolition with The Fabulous Rougeaus, The Bolsheviks, The
Brain Busters and The Conquisadors

Survivor Series 1989
Hulk Hogan & Demolition & Jake "the Snake" Roberts vs
Ted Dibiasi & Zeus & Powers of Pain / Ultimate Warrior & Jim
Neidhart & The Rockers vs Andre the Giant & Haku & Arn Anderson
& Bobby Heenan / Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Bret Hart & Hercules &
Ronnie Garvin vs Macho Man Randy Savage & Dino Bravo & Earthquake &
Greg Valentine / Rowdy Roddy Piper & Jimmy Snuka & Bushwackers vs Rick
Rude & Mr.Perfect & Fabulous Rougeaus / Dusty Rhodes & Tito Santana
& Red Rooster & Brutus "the Barbar" Beefcake vs Big Boss Man
& Honky Tonk Man & Rick Martel & Bad News Brown

Survivor Series 1990
Hulkamaniacs: Hulk Hogan Captain, Jim Duggan, Tugboat and Big Boss Man
vs Natural Disasters: Earthquake Captain, Dino Bravo, Haku and Barbarian /
Warriors: Ultimate Warrior Captain, Legion of Doom and Texas Tornado vs The
Perfect Team: Mr. Perfect Captain and Demolition / Vipers: Jake Roberts Captain,
Rockers and Jimmy Snuka vs Visionaries: Rick Martel Captain, Warlord and Power
& Glory / Also featuring: The Alliance vs The Mercenaries, Dream Team vs
Million $ Team / The Grand Final... A Survival Match... with all of the Survivors!

Survivor Series 1991
Featuring WWF Champion Hulk Hogan vs The Undertaker / Big Boss Man &
Leigon of Doom vs I.R.S. and Natural Disasters / Captain Rowdy Roddy Piper with
Bret Hart, Virgil & British Bulldog vs Captain Ric Flair with Ted DiBiase,
The Mountie & Warlord / The Rockers & The Bushwackers vs Nasty Boys
& The Berverly Brothers / Captain Hacksaw Jim Duggan with Sgt. Slaughter, El
Matador & Texas Tornado vs Captain Colonel Mustafa with The Berzerker, Hercules & Skinner

Survivor Series 1992
Featuring Mr. Perfect and Macho Man Randy Savage vs Razor Ramon &
Ric Flair / Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels / Money INC. & The Beverly Brothers
vs The Natural Disasters & Nasty Boys / The Undertaker vs Kamala / Big Boss
Man vs Nailz / The Model Ric Martel vs Tatanka / High Energy vs Headshrinkers

Survivor Series 1993
The Main Event - The All Americans: Captain Lex Luger, Undertaker &
The Steiner Brothers vs The Foreign Fanatics: Captain Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga,
Jacques of the Quebecers & Crush / The Harts: Bret “Hitman” Hart, “The
Rocket” Owen Hart, Bruce & Keith Hart vs Shawn Michaels & His Knights
of the Squared Circle / Smokey Mountain Tag Team Title; Champions Rock &
Roll Express vs Jim Cornette’s Heavenly Bodies / The 4 Doinks vs Bam Bam
Bigelow, Bastion Booger & The Headshrinkers / Razor Ramon, Randy Savage,
Marty Jannetty & 1-2-3 Kid vs I.R.S., Rick Martel, Diesel & Adam Bomb

Survivor Series 1994
Main Event: A Casket Match between The Undertaker and Yokozuna! / Bret
“Hitman” Hart takes on Bob Backlund in a “Submission Only” match! /
“Clowns Are Us” goes to war with King Jerry Lawler and “The Royal
Family” / “The Bad Guys” - Razor Ramon, British Bulldog, 123 Kid and
Headshrinkers vs “The Teamsters” - Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, Jim “The
Anvil” Neidhart, Shawn Michaels and Diesel / “Guts & Glory” - Lex
Luger, Smoking Gunns, Mabel and Adam Bomb vs “The Million $ Team” - Tatanka,
Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, Jimmy Del Ray and Tom Prichard

Survivor Series 1995
WWF Championship Title Match; Diesel vs Bret “Hitman” Hart / Wild
Card Bout - Shawn Michaels, Sid, British Bulldog & Ahmed Johnson vs
Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon & Dean Douglas / Dark Side - Undertaker,
Fatu, Henry Godwinn & Savio Vega vs Royals! - Jerry “The King” Lawler,
Isaac Yankem “D.D.S.”, King Mabel & Hunter Hearst Helmsley / The
Underdogs Bout! - Barry Horowitz, Marty Jannetty, Hakushi & Bob “Spark
Plugg” Holly vs Dr. Tom Prichard, 1-2-3 Kid, Skip of the Body Donnas & Rad
Radford / Women’s Match! - Alundra Blayze, Kyoko Inoue, Sakie Hasegawa &
Chaparita Asari vs Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Lioness Aska & Tomoko Watanabe /
Special Attraction; Bam Bam Bigelow vs Goldust

Survivor Series 1996
British Bulldog, Owen Hart, New Rockers vs Furnas/Lafon, Godwinns /
Mankind vs Undertaker / Crush, Jerry Lawler, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Goldust vs
Marc Mero, Stalker, Rocky Maivia, Jake Roberts / Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret
Hitman Hart / Faarooq, Fake Razor, Fake Diesel, Vader vs Savio Vega, Yokozuna,
Flash Funk, Jimmy Snuka / Sid vs Shawn Michaels (C)

Survivor Series 1997– Gang Rulz
Headbangers & New Blackjacks vs New Age Outlaws & Godwinns / Truth
Commission vs Disciple of Apocalypse / Team U.S.A. vs Team Canada / Mankind vs
Kane / Nation of Domination vs Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, Legion of Doom /
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Owen Hart (IC) / Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hitman Hart

Survivor Series 1998– Deadly Game
Mankind (Hard) vs Dwayne Gill / Al Snow vs Jeff Jarrett / Bossman vs Stone Cold
Steve Austin / X-Pac vs Steven Regal / Ken Shamrock (IC) vs Goldust / Rock vs
Bossman / Undertaker vs Kane / Makind (Hard) vs Al Snow / Ken Shamrock (IC) vs
Rock / Sable vs Jacqueline (WC) with Marvelous Marc Mero [Shane McMahon as
Special Referee] / Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mankind / Undertaker vs Rock / New
Age Outlaws (Tag) vs Headbangers vs Mark Henry & D’Lo Brown [Tripple
Threat] / Mankind (Hard) vs Rock [WWF Title]

Survivor Series 1999
The Godfather w/Ho’s, D-Lo & The Headbangers vs The Dudleys & The
Acolytes [Survivor Match] / Shawn Stasiak vs Kurt Angle / Val Venis,
Mark Henry, Gangrel & Steve Blackman vs The Bulldog (Euro), Pete Gas, Joey
Abs & Rodney [Survivor Match] / Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah, Torrie
& Debra vs Jacqueline, Luna, Terri & Ivory (WC) [Survivor Match]
 / Kane vs X-Pac / The Big Show vs Prince Albert, Mideon, Viscera
& Big Bossman (Hard) [Survivor Match] / Steve Austin gets run over in
the parking garage – injury angle / Chris Jericho vs Chyna (IC) w/Miss Kitty
/ The Hollys & Too Cool vs Edge, Christian & The Hardy Boyz
[Survivor Match] / The New Age Outlaws (Tag) vs Al Snow & Mankind
/ The Rock vs Triple H (C) vs The Big Show [Triple Threat]

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