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No Way Out 2000
Kurt Angle (Euro) vs Chris Jericho (IC)/ New Age Outlaws (Tag) vs The
Dudley Boyz / The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian/ Royal Rumble 2000 / Big
Boss Man vs Tazz (DUD) / X-Pac vs Kane [No Holds Barred] / Too Cool &
Rikishi Phatu vs The Radicals / The Big Show vs The Rock [For a WWF
Title Shot at WrestleMania] / Triple H (C) vs Cactus Jack [Hell In A Cell]

Backlash 2000
Debra is announced as the special guest ring announcer for the opening match /
Road Dogg & X-Pac w/Tori vs Edge & Christian (Tag) / Scotty Too
Hotty vs Dean Malenko (LH) / Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan vs The
Acolytes / Crash Holly (Hard) vs Tazz vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs
Hardcore Holly vs Perry Saturn [Six Man Hardcore Match] / Kurt Angle vs
The Showster / Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins is seen in the
audience / The Dudley Boyz vs T&A w/Trish Stratus / Eddie Guerrero
(Euro) w/Chyna vs Essa Rios w/Lita / Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit (IC)
 / Triple H (C) w/Stephanie McMahon (WC) and Vince McMahon vs The Rock
w/Stone Cold Steve Austin [Special Guest Referee Shane McMahon]

Judgment Day 2000
Kurt Angle, Edge & Chrisitan (Tag) vs Too Cool & Rikishi Phatu / Eddie
Guerrero (Euro) vs Perry Saturn vs Dean Malenko (LH) [Three Way Dance]
/ Gerald Brisco is seen winning the Hardcore Title / Shane McMahon vs Big Show
[No DQ, No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere] / Chris Jericho vs Chris
Benoit (IC) [Submission Match] / Road Dogg & X-Pac vs Dudley Boyz
[Tag Team Table Match] / Triple H vs The Rock [60 Minute Iron Man Match
With Special Referee Shawn Michaels]

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