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XPW Hardcore Conception

Profile on Jimmy
Profile on Supreme Jimmy vs. Supreme
Profile on Chronic/Westside NGZ
Highlights of the West Siders reign of terror
Profile on "White Trash" Johnny Webb
"White Trash" Johnny Webb vs. Phenomenal Phil (highlights)
"White Trash" Johnny Webb vs. Dynamite D
Profile on Damien Steele
The Miss Xtreme Contest (highlights)
Damien Steele vs. Kid Kaos (highlights)
(Steel Cage) Big Dick Dudley vs. Damien Steele
XPW Banned in Ventura
Phenomenal Phil vs. Dynamite D
Shooting Star vs. Kid Kaos
Pancho Killa vs. Jake Lawless
Carlito Montana vs. Felony
Supreme vs. Jimmy
Westside NGZ vs. The Pitbulls
Big Dick Dudley vs. Damien Steele vs. Johnny Webb
XPW Baptized in Blood
Deathmatch tourney round 1:
Supreme vs. Kid Kaos
Messiah vs. Johnny Webb
Homeless Jimmy vs. Axl Rotten
Carlito Montana vs. Kronus
JN vs. Cronic
Deathmatch tourney semi-finals:
Messiah vs. Supreme
Axl Rotten vs. Kronus
World Title match:
Chris Candido vs. Damien Steele
Deathmatch tourney finals:
Supreme vs. Kronus
Bonus match:
(Cage match) "White Trash" Johnny Webb vs. The Messiah
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